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Ship Captain Crew Dice Drinking Game

This is a popular game at Bars and is very easy to learn right away. It is best to play with 2-4 people. It is also a fast paced game that only takes a few minutes.

How To Play

The object of this game is to roll a 6 (Ship), a 5 (Captain), and then a 4 (Crew) with the remaining 2 dice being added together as the ‘Cargo’. Each person gets up to 3 turns where they must first roll a 6 (Ship) before getting a 5 (Captain), and roll a 5 (Captain) before getting a 4 (Crew). Once a player has the Ship, Captain, and Crew, they add up the totals on the remaining dice (Cargo) to determine their score. If they get the Ship, Captain, and Crew in less than 3 rolls, they can decide if they want to roll the Cargo again to try to get a higher score. The person with the highest Cargo points wins the game and the person with the lowest Cargo points loses the game.

first roll example

In this example, the player rolled a 6 6 4 3 1 on the first shake. The player can sets aside the 6 and must reroll the 4 remaining dice. They cannot keep the 4 (Crew) because they did not get a 5 (Captain) yet.

second roll example

On the second roll they roll a 5 4 3 2. They player has now met the requirement of a 6 5 4 (Ship Captain Crew) and can now keep the 5 and 2 as cargo (7 points), or reroll both of these dice again in hopes to get a higher score. If they choose to reroll again, they cannot keep the previous score if its higher. If a player fails to get the Ship Captain Crew in three rolls, they get zero points.

third roll example

On the third roll they roll a 3 1. This is the third and last roll, so this player must keep the 3 and 1 for a total of 4 points. It is now the next players turn to try to beat four points.

Because this is a drinking game, there must be some sort of reward for the winner. If at a bar, one option may be for the loser to buy the winner a drink (beer, shot, mixer) or whatever is agreed on. Because this is a faster paced game, you may want to play a best of 3 and tally everyones points at the end to determine this.

Another variation for winners / losers could be something as easy as taking a certain number of drinks depending on the place you come in. If playing with 3 people, maybe the loser drinks 5, second place drinks 3, and winner drinks one.

It's really up to you. You can even make it even more interesting by playing for money as well!

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